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What Are Some Emerging Roles In The Healthcare Industry?

What Are Some Emerging Roles in The Healthcare Industry?

Currently, there are 16 million medical-related jobs in the United States alone. Each role has a different specialty, but what are the current sub-sectors that are emerging? Considering new practices, acts, technology, and more have been released to the healthcare industry, they’ve accommodated with some emerging roles. Want to find these out? Read below:

1.   Lifestyle medicine physician

A lifestyle medicine physician evaluates, monitors, and plans a patient’s lifestyle choices such as food, exercise, stress levels, sleep, and ability to connect with others. They’ll be situated in various medical clinics, residential care, or primary care facilities.

They’re emerging roles for one fundamental reason: 90% of the United States annual health care expenditures are for people with chronic and mental health conditions. It’s a remarkable figure, and especially when you consider that lifestyle factors drive 80% of chronic diseases. Therefore, by investing in physician lifestyle medicine, expenditure can drop, and money can be spent elsewhere.

For those interested, the salary of an LMP is anywhere between $168,549 to $275,000 annually. Because it’s an emerging role, salary will fluctuate depending on your expertise in the sector.

2.   Telemedicine physician

Another role that’s gaining popularity is a telemedicine physician. The telehealth sector has increased 38X from the pre-pandemic baseline, which has obvious reasoning behind it. Unquestionably, the entire world has needed to adapt to this change and minimize the time spent with face-to-face communication.

With the likes of wearable and various other pieces of equipment providing out-of-office data to physicians, it’s a profession that’ll certainly stay around. Apart from offering both physicians and patients a safe way to communicate, it also makes it more efficient.

A telemedicine physician can come in various specialties, some harder to obtain than others. Because of this, there’s a huge pay gap of anywhere between $30,000 to $500,000 per year.

3.   Clinical informatics

These specialists collect and analyze patients’ health data and apply that information to improve their overall well-being. The primary reason for growth for this profession is the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the proliferation of Electronic Health Records (EHRs).

Additionally, clinical informatics match perfectly with telehealth. By combining both sectors, physicians can obtain a much more extensive and comprehensive summary of their patients’ health.

The role itself is extremely challenging, and it bases itself on analytic data. For many, this can seem like a troublesome industry, but those that love reading data could be interested in this new emerging role. If you’re one of them, you could see salaries of between $93,596 to $117,647 annually. Because it’s a job that could be done remotely, it also offers superb flexibility in work hours.

After reading the above, you should better understand the top three emerging roles in 2022 and beyond. Undoubtedly, these are here to stay as they make significant beneficial changes to our healthcare sector. Now you understand these, will you consider these new, game-changing roles?

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