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Traditional Applicant Tracking software is confusing and inefficient. Struggling with manual processes and spreadsheets is even worse because candidates get lost in the shuffle.


Recruiting Management System (RMS) breaks convention because it is purpose-built to “think” like a professional physician recruiter.

RMS is designed by experienced healthcare recruiters to be the most efficient and intuitive design in the marketplace. Put simply, it makes healthcare staffing efficient and effective.

Cloud Based means RMS is IT-light and highly configurable to match your unique recruiting processes.

  • Reclaim 20% your day or more by eliminating tedious and laborious manual processes
  • Real-time candidate and departmental reporting identify opportunities otherwise missed and offer “proof of value”
  • Minimize “candidate credit” conflicts with easy “Dup Check” functionality.
  • Catalog candidates before requisitions so you are ready to fill searches faster.
  • Build “one source of truth” for all things recruiting at your organization.

I have been using RMS for almost fours years. It is so user friendly, even on my smartphone. I manage several recruiters, covering almost 80 facilities for over 500 opportunities. In a matter of seconds, I can pull a report to show me who is interviewing, at which facility, dates of the interview and which recruiter is responsible. This is a required tool for us in our success at Tenet.

  • Dynamic Email
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Up to 50% Productivity Increase

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