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Top healthcare recruiters know many of the best Healthcare Provider (HCP) candidates are simply not available on the traditional job boards. Trying to reach these coveted passive candidates with normal recruiting tools can be exhaustive and disappointing.



At HCP Navigator, a HealthLink Dimensions company, we have developed a suite of solutions to get your jobs noticed by even the most passive in-practice candidates. By putting the HealthLink Dimensions HCP Master Data to work, recruiters gain access to proven promotion tactics typically reserved for high-powered healthcare marketers.

HCP Email Deployment:
A turn-key multi-stage email deployment service designed to target the best candidates for your jobs. We handle the segmentation, targeting, outreach, and reporting so you can focus on the incoming wave of candidate interest.

HCP Programmatic Turn-Key
Imagine your jobs being promoted to HCPs on brand-safe websites. We make this complex technology accessible to recruiters by promoting your jobs to the right HCP, wherever they are, and on whatever device(s) they use.

HCP Direct Mail
Sometimes a physical letter or postcard makes all the difference in gaining passive candidate attention. Rest assured that our HCP Master Data set is accurate and complete, ensuring your message reaches the intended audience.

One major health system reports 67% of their searches are filled with harder to find in-practice physicians.

“HCP Navigator and HealthLink Dimensions offer recruiters greater candidate reach AND the simplicity of working with a single vendor.”

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