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Traditional job boards are expensive, time consuming, and crowded with all the usual suspects.


HealthcareJobFinder is different because it helps you get your jobs noticed, even on the smallest budget. Basic listings are effective and completely free.

HealthcareJobFinder is the fast, intuitive, and valuable healthcare provider (HCP) job board our clients have been asking for.

“Fastest Growing” matters in a crowded job board industry. Client postings get noticed because there is less noise to compete with.

Unlimited Listings mean clients can afford to post all of their opportunities, regardless the size of their budget.

We started using them about 5 months ago, and in that time have successfully hired 4 physicians, and extended an offer to a 5th. I use other resources as well, but find that PracticeAlert is the most useful to us. I would highly recommend their service.

  • HealthcareJobFinder is for in-house recruiters only because candidates prefer to speak directly with potential employers.
  • Premium listings help clients connect with their ideal candidates faster (for PracticeAlert clients only).
  • Unlimited Posting
  • Basic Listings Completely Free

For more information contact us at 866.772.2590 or

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