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Traditional job boards are rich in postings and poor in candidate profiles, making it a challenge to fill even the most enticing jobs.


PracticeAlert is different because it delivers candidates who aren’t on job boards. PracticeAlert actively reaches over 1 million HCPs every quarter so employers don’t have to.

PracticeAlert provides Staff Physician Recruiters with cost-effective access to quality Healthcare Provider (HCP) candidates not available on traditional job boards.

Geographic Targeted Sourcing uncovers candidates already predisposed to your location.

Daily Email Alerts ensure clients receive timely notifications highlighting new candidates considering their geographic location.

  • Discover the other 80% of the HCP candidate market you and most recruiters don’t know about.
  • Enjoy improved candidate response compared with traditional job boards.
  • Significant savings over traditional job boards means PracticeAlert is feasible on even the most limited in-house recruiting budgets.

PracticeAlert is quickly becoming one of my most utlilized resources. I get a much higher response rate from candidates I email through PracticeAlert in comparison with ones I email from other sites.

  • Ten-years experience
  • Better than Job Boards
  • Geographically Targeted

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