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The 4 Best Cities For PAs To Move To In 2022

The 4 Best Cities for PAs to Move to in 2022

In recent reports, a physician assistant (PA) has been awarded the best job in health care for various reasons. It offers superb salary, growth opportunities, experience, and much more, making an excellent lifestyle for those interested in this sector.

However, no state or city offers the same benefits. Because of this, we’ve detailed the best cities to work as a PA in terms of salary and housing. By combining both of these essential factors, we’ve determined the below:

1.   Hartford

The city of Hartford is based in Connecticut and is regularly known to be an affordable living area. It originates back from the 1600s and has long-lasting historical artifacts, such as the famous author’s house Mark Twain. Additionally, the city is situated in the middle of Connecticut, allowing you to easily visit other cities around the state.

Undoubtedly, Hartford has the best salary, rent, to house buying ratio by a mile. However, the environment surrounding this city has seen better days. The crime rate of this city is considerably higher than most around the United States.

2.   Durham

Durham is based in North Carolina, and it’s famously known as “the city of medicine.” It’s always been a popular option for PAs based within the US. There are over 300 medical and health-related companies in this city, meaning there’s endless growth opportunities.

Overall, it’s an excellent place to live for all individuals within the healthcare sector. Considering it’s also one of the fastest-growing cities in the country, it’s more than worth thinking about.

3.   Pittsburgh

“The Steel City,” “City of Bridges,” or Pittsburgh, is another superb location for inspiring PAs. It’s located in western Pennsylvania and is filled with beautiful architecture, landscapes, and iconic landmarks.

Unfortunately, the average salary is the lowest on this list. However, considering the median home prices, it’s remarkably affordable for those achieving such a brilliant wage. Combining the above and personal experiences, we must say that Pittsburgh is an excellent location for a PA.

4.   Raleigh

The last city we’d like to mention in the United States is Raleigh, North Carolina. It’s a picturesque city filled with universities and exciting opportunities. According to recent reports, it’s the 2nd best place to live in America. Therefore, considering the ratios and reports below, it’s certainly a city all PAs need to think about.

After reading the above, you should have a broader idea of which cities are considered the best for PAs situated in America. Of course, personal preferences will ultimately determine which location best suits you. However, the information within this post can certainly help you decipher where you want to locate your PA career.

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