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Advantages Of Being A Nurse Practitioner

Advantages of Being a Nurse Practitioner

The healthcare role of a nurse practitioner dates to 1965. It’s a tremendously rewarding job role that many individuals adore doing. However, sometimes this position gets a lot of bad press for unknown reasons. Because of this, we’re going to detail the main advantages you can obtain from being a nurse practitioner in today’s age. 

Four advantages of being a nurse practitioner 

There’s an abundance of different reasons why being a nurse practitioner is immensely beneficial, but we can’t mention them all. Therefore, below are the four leading advantages you can obtain from being a nurse practitioner:

In-demand field of work 

Recently the healthcare sector has received a lot of pressure from the pandemic, putting the entire industry in demand. However, the most demanding role within the field is a nurse practitioner. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS), this job role is forecasted to grow by 45 percent from 2019 to 2029. By far, this is the highest percentage of growth among all occupations within the industry. Because of this, the overall longevity of the position is extremely high, meaning you have optimal job security. 

Opportunity to work independently 

Additionally, you could work independently depending on the state you operate within. The expertise of a nurse practitioner in the United States is showcased in three different categories: full, reduced, and restricted practice. From somebody having a full practice in this sector means that they’re legally allowed to evaluate, diagnose, and prescribe treatment.

However, that statement can change, dependant on the state you operate in. Therefore, you’ll want to become knowledgeable about this. Check out this post for a more clear and in-depth understanding of the states you can achieve this. Here, you’ll see the states that allow full practices to work independently. 

Excellent salaries 

Including the above, they have superb salaries far beyond the median annual amount in the United States. The BLS suggests that the average wage for a nurse practitioner was $117,670 in May 2020. However, this will highly depend on your skill level, hospital, and state. The same post suggests that the lowest 10 percent of this job role earn $84,120 and the highest $190,900. But, still, having an income of this amount is remarkably healthy considering other averages in the US. 

Superb job satisfaction 

Lastly, from being a nurse practitioner, you receive optimal job satisfaction. Healthcare workers are the most appreciated and respected professionals to walk the earth because of the sheer impact they have on our society. 

Therefore, the same follows suit for nurse practitioners. Within this role, they make decisions that can positively affect somebody’s health and well-being. Having this responsibility and role in taking care of people provides extreme satisfaction, knowing they’re making a difference in our world. 

After reading the above, you should have a comprehensive idea of the benefits of a nurse practitioner. Like all job roles in this industry, they provide excellent salaries, opportunities, and satisfaction, making it the perfect all-rounder position.   

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