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5 Best Career Options Available For Nurse Practitioners In 2022

5 Best Career Options Available for Nurse Practitioners In 2022

There are abundant opportunities you’re presented within healthcare, and that’s the exact same for nurse practitioners. Within the sector itself, there are 15 specialties ranging from a family to a gerontology nurse. But which is the best career option? Below we detail the five best opportunities nurse practitioners are presented with. 

1. Pediatric primary care nurse practitioner

A Paediatric primary care nurse practitioner (commonly known as a PNP) is a popular career option for NPs. They specialize in caring for young adults, adolescents, toddlers, infants, and newborns. Usually, their primary focus is childcare and the prevention or management of pediatric illnesses. It’s a career more suited towards individuals that enjoy being around children, as you might have the opportunity to work in a school. Additionally, their annual average wage packet is around $108,500. 

2. Women’s health nurse practitioner

Including the above, another excellent opportunity is a Women’s health nurse practitioner (or WHNP for short). As you can tell from the title, this NP solely dedicates themselves to women’s healthcare throughout their entire duration. 

The reason this NP is a popular option is that they usually work in a private practice setting. Depending on what you prefer, many enjoy this type of working lifestyle compared to other environments. 

3. Gerontology nurse practitioner

Additionally, another option NPs are presented with is gerontology nurses. It’s an advanced practice that does require specialized education with the standard certification. In this role, they’ll be treating young adults all the way through to their advanced ages. 

It’s a remarkably rewarding sector within the healthcare industry but challenging. If you believe being a gerontology nurse practitioner is the right career move for you, the median annual salary for this specialty is $118,000. 

4. Oncology nurse practitioner

Moving further down the list, and we’re now onto an oncology nurse practitioner. These individuals are highly trained advanced practice registered nurses (APRN). They provide complete comprehensive care for patients that have been diagnosed with cancer. Including the standardized practices you follow with your patients, they’ll also offer consulting and education to their families. 

Some of the responsibilities are assisting physicians and surgeons during operations, monitoring patients, providing education, consulting, and administering treatments. Although only 1.4 percent of all nurse practitioners enroll in this career, it’s been mentioned as one of the most rewarding. 

5. Emergency nurse practitioner

The last nurse practitioner we wanted to discuss is in the emergency sector. For those that like fast-paced and quick-thinking environments, this is the perfect role for you. Here, you’ll be given the opportunity to save lives and make a dramatic, positive impact on patients’ lives and families. 

After reading the above, you should have a comprehensive idea of the best career options for nurse practitioners. The above states a very small amount, but there’s a ton more. Although we’ve suggested the above, the “best” NP role depends on your requirements and needs. Therefore, if you’re considering a change, make sure you know the entire sector first. 

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