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Has Covid-19 Changed Our Healthcare Industry Forever?

Has Covid-19 Changed Our Healthcare Industry Forever?

The covid-19 pandemic will be an unforgettable event that showcased many challenges in our lives. It’s changed the way we live, how businesses operate, and more, forcing people to adapt, with the most considerable changes occurring in the healthcare industry.

From January 2022, over 100,000 people have been admitted to hospitals in the United States. It’s a considerable amount that’s required immensely complex adaptations to reduce the possibilities of hospitals being overrun.

There’s been a ton, but we’re going to explore the four fundamental changes in our healthcare industry that will change the way we operate forever. Here’s what you need to know:

How care is received

Since the beginning of our healthcare system, it’s been peer-to-peer communication in most circumstances. However, because of covid-19 being an airborne disease, this was the first of many changes.

Because of this, telehealth has been heavily invested in. It’s a form of medical assistance that doesn’t involve face-to-face interactions. Instead, healthcare professionals will start virtually contacting patients, reducing the occurrence of transmitting airborne diseases. In addition, it allows for a much more convenient health service that’s shown a reduction in time spent per patient, increasing the efficiency of our healthcare.


In addition, there have been various adaptations to the staff themselves, such as safety, mental-health treatment, and employment. Hospitals have struggled throughout the pandemic with demand issues as more patients flooded in, healthcare professionals became sick, had burnouts, or needed to care for their own families. Because of this, demand was and still is at an all-time high.

The issues that showcased themselves through the peaks of the pandemic will need to be addressed. Therefore, there could be significant changes to the number of health care employees, how they operate around similar situations to reduce stress, and what happens when out-of-work situations begin to affect the quality of healthcare.


With elective surgeries being canceled in the United States because of the sheer demand of covid-19 patients, an enormous revenue stream has been eliminated. According to this post, 97% of health systems are losing around $2,800 per covid case (some $8,000 to $10,000). It’s a considerable amount of money, which could have contributed to further development. However, with this still being a present issue, we can expect the industry to have reduced expenditure until this problem is solved.

Supply Chain

As mentioned, covid has affected all our lives, resulting in supply chain problems. As the disease became more substantial worldwide, the transportation industry was heavily affected. Because of this, many supply chain issues left healthcare workers with inadequate safety equipment, a lack of medicines, and more.

Health systems will need to diversify their vendor portfolios to counteract this issue. Instead of traditionally obtaining medical supplies from a small, vetted number of manufacturers, it’ll need to be increased significantly to reduce shortages.

After reading, you should have a deeper understanding of how covid-19 has changed our healthcare industry forever. Undoubtedly, the pandemic highlighted weak points within the system that need to be acted on before re-encountering this exact circumstance.

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