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Having Trouble With Physician Recruiting? Try HCP Navigator

Having Trouble with Physician Recruiting? Try HCP Navigator

Filling roles in the healthcare sector has never been easy. Today, though, in-house recruiters for hospitals and other health systems face unprecedented challenges in sourcing the best candidates for open positions and physician recruiting.

There is an expected nursing shortage of up to 1.2 million and a physician shortage of up to 139,000 in the next decade. Many hospitals and healthcare organizations are already feeling the strain and are looking to fill open positions with experienced, qualified candidates quickly.

If you rely on job boards to fill your organization’s open positions, you miss out on a large group of candidates, namely, passive candidates. Unlocking the secret to identifying and contacting passive candidates can help you speed up the recruitment process and ensure you fill every available position with a highly qualified candidate.

What are Passive Candidates, and How Can You Find Them?

The term “passive candidates” refers to people who are not actively looking for employment but would be open to a better offer if it came along. These candidates tend to be successful in their current role, which is why they aren’t in a hurry to leave or, at least, to seek employment elsewhere proactively.

So, how can you find these passive candidates if they’re happy working for someone else?

To start with, you’ll need to pivot your mindset when it comes to how you source candidates. Because they aren’t actively seeking work on job boards, passive candidates aren’t going to appear in your inbox, ready to switch jobs suddenly.

You can start by relying on your network to promote open positions and asking the people you know to share it with their networks. However, this strategy will only go so far. Passive candidates aren’t likely to be scouring LinkedIn or other networking sites looking for new opportunities.

Instead, you’ll need to start using updated tools, including an applicant tracking system (ATS) that will help you find those passive candidates who are geographically motivated to work for your organization. Then, you can reach out to them with a targeted email message that speaks to their career interests and goals.

Use HCP Navigator Solutions to Find Your Next Ideal Candidate

An ATS is excellent for identifying and tracking passive candidates in your target geographical area. In addition, an ATS can save you time on manual data entry by streamlining the recruiting process from start to finish.

HealthLink’s HCP Navigator has several tools designed to help healthcare recruiters find and track qualified job candidates. Use Practice Alert to find passive candidates who are geographically motivated to change positions to your location. Healthcare Finder helps recruiters ensure their jobs get noticed, no matter the budget.

Our Recruiting Management System (RMS) will track the recruitment process from end to end, eliminating bottlenecks and helping you get the right people hired at the right time to serve your organization and the larger community.

As the healthcare industry continues to experience shortages, it will be more critical than ever for recruiters in hospitals and other healthcare organizations to have streamlined recruitment processes. See how HCP Navigator can help you find candidates that other organizations are missing. Schedule a demo today!

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