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How To Solve Your Healthcare Recruiting Challenges

How to Solve Your Healthcare Recruiting Challenges

After several months of losses in 2020 and 2021, the healthcare industry is finally starting to add more jobs. The challenge, however, is finding people to fill those jobs, as the industry continues to see a decline in qualified candidates.

A study from Mercer estimates that the demand for healthcare workers will outpace the supply as soon as 2025, with shortages in positions such as nursing assistants, home health aides, nurse practitioners, and medical and lab technicians. Recent projections estimate that the U.S. may face a physician shortage of as much as 124,000 by 2034 if current trends continue.

Healthcare recruiters who are already often understaffed and overworked face an uphill battle when it comes to filling open positions with talented candidates who will stick around for the long term. This challenge will continue into the near future, as the pool of candidates grows increasingly smaller than the demand for them.

How HealthLink Dimension’s HCP Navigator Can Help Healthcare Recruiters

While we can’t magically create more physicians and healthcare professionals, we can assist healthcare recruiters during every stage of the recruiting process.

Here’s a look at how HCP Navigator can help you gain access to tools and resources to source the right candidates, better manage the recruiting process, and quickly hire productive candidates who will stick around for the long haul.


Traditional job boards are overcrowded and difficult to manage. Get your job posting in front of qualified candidates without going over budget with HealthcareJobFinder. You can post a job without spending any money by using the basic listing option. This tool is designed for in-house recruiters who are looking for candidates who will want to speak directly with their potential employers.


PracticeAlert is more effective than traditional job boards for several reasons. First, it gives you access to healthcare provider (HCP) candidates who are not on other job boards. Next, PracticeAlert uses geographic targeting to ensure you are only reaching out to candidates who are available to work in your location. Finally, this tool is competitively priced, making it accessible for in-house recruiters from practices of all sizes.

Recruiting Management System (RMS)

Once you have found qualified candidates, you need a way to keep track of them. Our Recruiting Management System is designed by healthcare recruiters who understand precisely what type of organizational structure you need to keep track of your organization’s recruiting efforts. Eliminate manual processes and get back more of your time.

Be Prepared for the Next Stage in Healthcare Recruiting

As the demand for healthcare professionals increases and the pool of qualified candidates shrinks, it will be more critical than ever for healthcare recruiters to have the right tools and resources to attract top talent.

There’s a better way to hire in the healthcare industry than relying on traditional methods, which tend to be slow and manually taxing. Schedule a demo to see how HCP Navigator can benefit your organization by making the recruiting process more efficient and effective.

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