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Four Keys To Get Your Job Listing Noticed

Four Keys to Get Your Job Listing Noticed

When looking for a healthcare professional for one of your open positions, most start with posting the job on their company career page or on an online job board.  Little thought may go into how today’s candidates are starting their searches.  With over 200 million annual searches for the term “jobs” being used on sites like Bing, Google and Yahoo, job seekers are continuing to take advantage of the proficiency of search engines to locate open positions.

If candidates are using search engines to find healthcare job listings, how will they locate your position?  The answer to this question may reside with SEO (search engine optimization).  Are you taking the time to optimize your online job postings to ensure that candidates can find them?  Below are four effective methods for optimizing your online job postings and increasing response rates.


Some recruiters use creative terms and descriptions in an attempt to make their job postings stand out. When doing this, you need to think like a search-savvy physician.

  • It’s more important to select words and use language most frequently utilized by your target audience.
  • Make sure and mention the actual city or highly searched cities in the surrounding areas so your job gets noticed.
  • Definitely list specific qualifications, duties or required certifications.
  • Select 2 or 3 combinations of words to emphasize by increasing their font size, making them bold, or listing them in bullet points.


Residents often place high importance on salary because they and their peers can’t help but compare offers. More experienced candidates have learned that base salary isn’t everything and instead focus on total potential compensation based on their productivity.  Either way, salary and compensation are factors job seekers use to filter search results when comparing healthcare job listings.  Search engines can identify this specific field; therefore, your healthcare job posting will obtain a higher ranking and increased visibility by including some salary information.

  • Be sure to present salary in the form of a range and qualify it as “dependent upon experience.”


While it’s important to list the city or general metro area in your healthcare job listing, it may not be enough for today’s job seekers.  Current job seekers want to know your company’s physical address before considering your position.

  • Posting on job boards with map features, like HealthcareJobFinder, can help candidates “connect the dots”, even if they aren’t intimately familiar with your area.
  • Click-through rates for job postings with physical addresses are higher, and candidates are likely to exclude listings missing this pertinent information.


While it’s important to list your company name and provide some business background in the job posting, these elements will most likely not help your candidates find you.  Most online healthcare job searches include some combination of occupational keywords plus a location.  Unless you are recruiting for the Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins or Cedars-Sinai, most candidates are probably not searching online for your medical facility by name. Other tips include:

  • Use a video to provide additional information about the position, your company, and your corporate culture. Search engines value videos over text alone.
  • Include affiliations in your listing. For example, affiliations with a university or regional center of excellence can enhance the appeal of your listing. 


Ensuring that a prospective candidate finds your healthcare job listing is no longer as simple as adding the position to your company career page or to an online job board.

  • Today’s job seekers are also using search engines like Bing, Google, and Yahoo to locate open positions.  You can increase your chances of being found by optimizing your online job postings.
  • Adding keywords, compensation information, location details, and prominent affiliations are a few of the effective methods available to optimize your job posting and increase your response rates.

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