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Healthcare Recruiting & The Coronavirus

Healthcare Recruiting & the Coronavirus

There’s no question that the coronavirus is causing a slowdown in recruiting in many sectors. But when it comes to healthcare, there’s never been a more important time to fill healthcare provider roles that are imperative to fighting the coronavirus. Many healthcare professionals are being quarantined after being exposed to the virus, leaving a surplus of critical open positions and no one to fill them. Glassdoor found that coronavirus-related positions tripled in a one-week period with registered nurses being in the highest demand.

So how can healthcare recruiters continue to fill these vital roles during this challenging time? Here are a few tips to efficiently and effectively conduct healthcare recruiting during the coronavirus pandemic:

Turn to digital for recruiting efforts

As social distancing has become the new normal in wake of the coronavirus pandemic, recruiters are turning to digital in order to source and fill essential healthcare positions. Using an Applicant Tracker System (ATS) can help healthcare recruiters sort through qualified candidates faster during this crucial hiring period and get positions filled as quickly as possible.

Consider temporary staffing

While some HCPs might not be willing to make a permanent move during the pandemic, some are willing to step up to the plate and take on additional temporary work as healthcare facilities scramble to replace those who have come into contact with infected patients. Healthcare staffing firms are reporting surges in temporary healthcare job postings as high as 66% week over week during the crisis, which is why it’s a good idea to consider skilled temp workers to meet the current demand.

Don’t rule out non-active job seekers

Even though 86% of physicians aren’t actively looking for a new position doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t be open to changing jobs. The governor of Illinois even asked retired doctors and nurses to rejoin the workforce calling on the need for “reinforcements” and declaring medical professions as “hero’s work.” New York saw a similar influx of 1,000 retired medical professionals joining the Medical Reserve Corps in just one day, and Ireland had 60,000 healthcare professionals not currently working in healthcare register to work on an as-needed basis throughout the crisis.

Get in touch

As a healthcare recruiter, your role in filling valuable positions that are helping combat the coronavirus has never been more important. If you would like to learn about how HCP Navigator’s suite of products can help manage your time and get the right healthcare positions filled, contact us to request a demo!

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